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Want to test a game?

2010-10-24 07:44:57 by NeverStrikesTwice

Hello All!

I need testers for my flash game I'm making.

I've been working on this game for some time now (1 1/2 years) its been a long time coming and still a ways to go! The game is a continuation of my other games titled The Core. This iteration is a vast improvement from the others.

The gameplay in this game is based on many top-down shooters like raiden and aero fighters. It also removes the whole "dodge the red ones, collect the green ones" mechanic like in old "the core" games. One big game play mechanic i added is the unique ammo and credit collecting. along with moving and shooting the enemies you use the mouse to "pick up" the explosion bits which are ammo and credits. There are different colors of enemies and each type explodes in a different ammo for different weapons. At the end of every level the game rates you on your performance and gives you a bonus (or penalty) depending on how you did. There also is a shop for each weapon and the ship to purchase upgrades. I am in need of some testers that can help me balance and De-bug.

PM me or leave a comment if your interested!

Want to test a game?


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2010-10-24 08:03:03

I would like to test it :)


2010-10-24 09:45:33

ill help testing your game out


2010-10-24 11:52:57

Looks nifty. Can I try it? :)


2010-10-24 12:35:12

Sounds like a winrar to me.

I would like to test it.


2010-10-24 13:12:11

sounds interesting...ill test it


2010-10-24 13:30:20

i would love to be in a beta


2010-10-24 13:30:37

email is


2010-10-24 18:59:50

As you know, I'm still willing to help out!


2010-10-24 21:28:28

Im down to test it out. and i will leave a good review