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WAIT! Leprechauns arn't real?! Why do you do these things to me?

Good art direction though

um... wtf?!

I never seem to laugh at flash vids anymore

But this one... i couldn't stop laughing! It was funny in all the right ways and not a single word was said... truly satirical genius! And just yesterday i was talking with friends on how dragon ball always takes a minimum of 3 episodes to get through a fight... one is usually devoted almost entirely to a stare down

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Great game

I won so hardcore i lost... lol...

@Winxe: wow... youve never played ANY side scrolling fighters ever have you...


Foolish army! They should turn off friendly fire next time ;P

that was pritty cool

i kept me going... very good idea

C360 responds:

thanks a lot!
thanks for the review.

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This is...

Awe inspiring. I have many hours of ambient i listen to everyday. Ranging from steve roach to carbon based lifeforms. Those artists hold high prase with me for i'm really picky with music and they keep it smooth. Now this sequence... its amazing! Just the right amount of leveling... Perfect soundscapes... i can tell you spent a very long time with this. I am actually making this song you made here a part of my "journey plus" playlist. This is the only playlist i actively listen to everytime i program and game... i dont just put any song there... you win! Also... please keep sending me updates!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Woowww... Comparing me to expert artists such as carbon based lifeforms and Steve Roach is inspirational man. I just recently discovered them and I must say, their music drowns me in amazing euphorias. You code? Freaking bodacious! I'm a computer geek myself, actually I'm working for apple currently, so thanks for adding me to your amazing playlist!

This is good stuff right here!

That bass line in the background goes perfect with the retro synth... i love this song... especially when the harsh glitch synth is put in there! keep this up man, got a good thing going right here! Oh and... perfect loop, i might just use this in my up coming game...

I love this!

You my good sir have helped me decide on what music i want in the levels of my game... and i think this song is going in! Do you have any other nice liquid songs like this? I would love to include more of your stuff... so far i like everything i hear!

Send me a PM if you have any cool unsubmitted songs... i would like to hear them!

-Never Strikes Twice

Pocketpod responds:

man thats cool! right now i'm working on a new house song but maybe i'll find something liquid i havent submitted.

Thanks for review!

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This looks like concept art from mass effect or something for a non-included alien race... i really like it! You got some mad skill there

Cope2K responds:

Awesome! Thanks!


You are known for your detail... and this, it blows everything else you've done out of the water. You need to apply for concept artist... if your not already on top of that... Brilliant art as always!

I am Throbulator!

I am a creature of PURE HEADACHE!
YEARGH my head!

I'm sure this has nothing to do with that Invader Zim character but i always love that name! And this is a good 3D figure!

Savory responds:

I loved that episode. Definitely some name stealing going on here.

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